Welcome to Nothing Ventured…

This is an OSR RPG using the very flexible Low Fantasy Gaming system. We’re using the accompanying world, Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting. A beautiful Midlands Map will be the springboard for medieval fantasy adventures, with deadly outlands, grim cities, ancient mysteries, silent gods, and dangerous magic.

We hope you enjoy what you find here. Favorite our campaign and come back to see what we are up to.

This campaign will begin play the second week in April 2021. Character creation guidelines are here.

Links to our game…

This Obsidian Portal wiki contains the crunchy game system stuff.
Scabard will house our ongoing campaign, including all of the world information and adventure logs, etc. -
The Nothing Ventured… Discord Server is where we can chat about rules, the game, off-topic stuff, etc.
We will be playing on Roll20, and if you want to play with us, send me a message on Discord.


Nothing Ventured...

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