Usage Dice


This Usage Dice house rule is borrowed from The Black Hack.

Consumable items use a die to track their quantity and inject a little drama into otherwise boring bookkeeping. Here are the average rolls or ‘Uses’ for each Ud before it is consumed.

d4 2
d6 5
d8 9
d10 14
d12 20
d20 30
  • Any item listed in the equipment section that has expendable properties will be assigned a Usage die, and is considered a consumable, limited item, i.e. arrows, rations, etc.
  • When that item is used, its Usage die is rolled. If the roll is 1-2 then the usage die is downgraded to the next lower die in the following chain:
            d20 > d12 > d10 > d8 > d6 > d4
  • When you roll a 1-2 on a d4 the item is expended and the character has no more of it left.

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UD Lists

Common/Cheap items

◼ Quiver of arrows/bolts (12) (Ud8)
◼ candles (Ud8)
◼ chalk (Ud8)
◼ iron spikes (Ud6)
◼ ink & quill (Ud6)
◼ jug/flask of oil (Ud6)
◼ parchment (Ud6)
rations – dried Ud4/Ud8/Ud10
◼ rations – fresh (Ud4)
◼ torches (6) (Ud6) – Each Torch has a Usage Die
◼ wineskin (Ud6)
◼ Assorted Common Herbs (Ud6)
◼ wax (Ud4)

Uncommon items

◼ caltrops (Ud6)
◼ disguise kit (Ud6)
◼ parchment suitable for spell scroll (Ud4)
◼ holy water (Ud6)
◼ manufactured sling bullets (20) (Ud12)

Rare/Valuable items

◼ acid (Ud6)
◼ Healer’s kit (Ud8)
◼ Alchemy (Apothecary) kit (Ud8)
◼ tripwires (Ud6)

One-use only items:
◼ anti-toxin, fire pot, poison, potions, elixirs

Items may be added to this list as they are encountered.

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Usage Dice

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